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We always listen to our clients. Based on your feedback we have identified the need to run two workshops with distinctly different focus based on the needs of your frontline staff. The workshops will both be run here, at our Bunbury offices, but are entirely transportable and can be taken and delivered to your staff anywhere you require. We have even delivered courses such as these overseas! we are offering a great opportunity for your people to learn from our years of experience - both as interactive and highly skilled workshop facilitators and as practical, job focused leadership and management experts.

Keep in mind that your access to reliable information and technique does not stop once your program is complete; we will always do what we can to make you and your staff a success, even if it means a few phone calls and some advice down the track. 

Emerging Leaders Program

Designed as three stand-alone workshops or as part of our TLICTM Emerging Leaders and Supervisors Program, these workshops have proven themselves in terms of enhancing the effectiveness of new (emerging) leaders.

Workshops are broken into three modules as follows:

  • Self Leadership

This workshop focuses on the ability of the individual to recognise and address barriers to effectiveness from within. Drawing on the principles of the LEAD:SELF component of the TLICTM Framework, it assists individuals to understand and apply themselves in the following areas:

• Leadership concepts and different models of leadership
• Assertiveness and personal confidence
• Identifying personal purpose and Mission
• Self Control
• Self Management
• Communicating with Effect

  • Safety Leadership

Understanding and being able to apply oneself in a safety role at work is essential in the workforce of today. Highly skilled supervisors are recognised by the regulatory authorities as one of the key pillars of a resilient, safe and effective workplace. No longer can the burden be placed on the safety team - safety is now, more than ever, a shared responsibility. As executors of the organisation's mission to uphold workplace health and safety, no frontline or management professional can afford to be weak in the skills and knowledge required to maintain a safe workplace. This workshop will cover topics such as:

• Legislative requirements
• New and impending legislative requirements
• Applying safety leadership to the team
• S44 Requirements for Mining
• Duty of Care requirements for the OHS Act

  • Team Leadership

Effectiveness of the individual will only go so far in achieving organisational and team success. Leading the team requires the frontline manager to not only have personal effectiveness, but a range of interpersonal skills and knowledge that will support the empowerment and enhancement of the individuals and their capacity in the team. This workshop will support your development of the frontline manager by providing practical guidance and assistance in the following topics:

• The basics of team dynamics
• Using performance and people potential plans
• Managing performance
• Dealing with difficult people
• Managing change


Call +6189 791 6611 and speak to the friendly staff at Combined Team Services to discuss and book attendances. 

Fees and Charges

CTS has a range of Workforce Development resources available for purchase, contact us for more details:


TLIC Resource $66.00

TLIC Resource e-book

Activity Book $33.00

Performance Management $44.00

Gap Assessment Tool $110.00

360° Feedback Tool $22.00

Click Colour Cards $22.00

All resources are inclusive of GST

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