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Many professional development courses tend to focus on areas that the more seasoned and experienced frontline managers have mastered. Recognising the need for professional development that suits the exact needs of existing and skilled frontline managers, we have designed a series of one-day workshops that focus purely on those harder to manage areas.

We promise that your learning will not just be 'from a text-book'. Having coached and delivered to hundreds of participants across Australia and overseas, we know what you want and what your organisation needs. Having provided feedback to management and worked with a large and diverse number of businesses, we know what it takes to build more reliable and resilient systems and teams.

Like all our services, we offer follow-up advice and information to help consolidate your learning and break old habits.

Workshops for Existing and Skilled Leaders

  • Performance Management

Effective performance management elevates the effectiveness of the team or the organisation from 'good' to 'excellent'. Getting performance management right, however, requires knowledge and skills that many frontline staff are expected to possess, but rarely trained in. Supervisors are usually promoted on the basis of their excellence in performance at 'doing the job', but are rarely provided with the necessary training and development they need to become the managers and leaders that they are expected to be. One of the biggest areas where we notice this gap in ability on behalf of frontline managers is in performance management. This must-attend course is a good refresher for those who believe they are skilled in performance management, and an eye-opener for those who find it one of the more challenging elements of their role. The course provides practical and hands on learning in the following areas:

• Understanding performance management systems
• Leading the performance management process
• Unlocking individual performance
• Creating high performers
• Managing poor performers
• Creating a climate of performance management

  • Keys to Effective Leadership

Existing and skilled frontline managers have developed their own leadership and management styles that work for them. This workshop is designed to help these professionals unlock or open the hidden elements of their leadership abilities so that effective leadership is easier and styles are more adaptive. This workshop will help seasoned professionals to identify and address any ineffective habits that have developed and present alternative approaches to those who are seeking a new way of doing things. It specifically covers:

• Understanding and recognising leadership skills
• Using leadership models for practical purposes
• Using influence and persuasion for effect
• Enhancing and maintaining motivation
• Engagement of others

  • Managing Your Monkeys - Time Management

Time management is a hallmark of an effective individual. Many frontline staff struggle to remain effective under the ever increasing demands on their time at work. Quite often the sacrifice of the individual's personal time is made, with overtime and staying back becoming the norm. We believe people can work smarter, not harder and as such have developed a time management course for individuals that will help you to go home on time, rather than work over time. In this course we will address a number of issues and topics, including:

• The fundamentals of time management
• The influence your personal style has on your ability to manage time
• Monkey management (and how to get those monkeys off your back)
• Partitioning time
• Using schedules and organising yourself
• Recognising and responding to procrastination

  • Managing Staff

Effective management of staff should negate the need for any performance management as it will create a workplace where everyone knows what is to be done, to what standard and by when. Many frontline managers are so busy executing their role at the day to day level that they do not get the time or support required to step back and manage their staff effectively. On top of this, many organisations use staff management frameworks that are lacking in detail or depth, thereby placing greater burden on the frontline manager and the individual to know what needs to be done and when. This course covers topics such as:

• Roles and responsibilities
• Understanding role descriptions (and how these can be used)
• Implementing simple performance management
• Using the performance and personal potential models
• Creating performance plans
• Managing the operational plan
• Coaching approaches and methods


Call +6189 791 6611 and speak to the friendly staff at Combined Team Services to discuss and book attendances. 

Fees and Charges

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Activity Book $33.00

Performance Management $44.00

Gap Assessment Tool $110.00

360° Feedback Tool $22.00

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