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Our experiences have taught us that no matter how hard you try, there is never a universal solution to a problem. With this thought in mind, TLICTM has a range of tools that are designed to be as adaptive as possible to suit the unique needs of you or your organisation.

The TLICTM Toolkit includes:

  • Options for the individual or the organisation
  • Options for new or for experienced frontline staff
  • Low cost opportunities for personal development
  • Onsite coaching and mentoring activities to help staff connect theory to practice
  • Off-site workshops and mentoring sessions
  • Links to nationally recognised training for those who wish to achieve qualifications as a result of their training
  • A range of resources designed to support individual or group learning and development
  • A customisable managers toolkit to enhance or sustain more effective performance management
  • Access to any of our highly qualified staff
  • The ability to customise any of the above options to suit your exact needs



Fees and Charges

CTS has a range of Workforce Development resources available for purchase, contact us for more details:


TLIC Resource $66.00

TLIC Resource e-book

Activity Book $33.00

Performance Management $44.00

Gap Assessment Tool $110.00

360° Feedback Tool $22.00

Click Colour Cards $22.00

All resources are inclusive of GST

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