Testimony Kris Harold

First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak - Epictetus

 Skills in all form of communication are essential to the success of any workplace member, including frontline managers. Being able to represent yourself in writing and through speech as well as being able to understand and draw meaning from verbal interactions and written documents will give the frontline manager power through the ability to better lead and influence others. Being able to recognise and respond to barriers (internal and external) to effective self expression and to learn how to appropriately express oneself are some of the key topics discussed within this element of the Lead:Self component.

The Communication Process

This diagram demonstrates just how many factors play a role in the art of self expression - throughout each of these phases you should be prepared to face a number of barriers and blockages. A skilled communicator can recognise and address these before speaking, writing or typing, so that the person receiving the message accurately decodes it.

self expression 01

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