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We have a number of resources that we are pleased to offer to you for sale. These may be purchased as hard copies, which will be sent to you.


  • Framework and Resource for Frontline Managers

We are excited to offer this practical resource as a development opportunity for frontline staff. Relevant to new and exisiting frontline managers, this resource provides practical information, guidance and advice on how to become more effective and efficient in the role of the frontline manager. This resource is not designed to be read cover to cover, rather it supports your immediate development needs as identified by our self evaluation or three sixty degree feedback process.

  • Activity Book

A companion to the TLICTM Framework and Resource for Frontline Managers, this activity book is a must-have for those who want to take their practical and hands on learning experience to the next level. With a range of activities including quizzes and self evaluations to learn more about yourself, this activity book will help to consolidate your theory into practice.

Linked to a number of nationally recognised training outcomes, completion of this book can also support your progress in the attainment of a number of formal qualifications, such as the Certificate IV in Frontline Management, or the Industry Supervisor's Skill Set.

  • Performance Management for Frontline Managers

It has come to our awareness that many organisations need our help purely because their performance management systems and processes have let them down when it comes to the establishment and maintenance of an effective work team. Designed for both the frontline and more strategic elements of the organisation's hierarchy, this resource will provide the reader with the knowledge, insight and practical advice necessary to make performance management a proactive and effective process, rather than a retrospective and reactive one.

  • Communicating for Effect

Time and again we have found that the biggest barrier to individual and organisational success is communication. Expanding on the content in the TLICTM Resource and Framework for Frontline Managers and the TLICTM Guide to Performance Management, this resource will equip the individual to face the toughest communication challenges. Using the TLICTM Framework to provide theoretical wisdom and practical advice, this resource is a must for anyone, let alone those in leadership and management roles.

  • Time Management

Time Management is a hallmark of an effective individual. Managing your time can help reduce stress levels, increase personal (free!) time and enable you to achieve more in less time at work. The TLICTM Time Management Guide for Busy Professionals will help you to apply the TLICTM framework to the priciples of time management in a practical and hands on manner so that you can increase or enhance your personal effectiveness.


Call +6189 791 6611 and speak to the friendly staff at Combined Team Services to place your order. Some titles available in e-book copy. 


Fees and Charges

CTS has a range of Workforce Development resources available for purchase, contact us for more details:


TLIC Resource $66.00

TLIC Resource e-book

Activity Book $33.00

Performance Management $44.00

Gap Assessment Tool $110.00

360° Feedback Tool $22.00

Click Colour Cards $22.00

All resources are inclusive of GST

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