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Leadership is a mandatory application for frontline staff; but you cannot lead others if you cannot first lead yourself. The TLICTM approach to frontline management development teaches the individuals about the key fundamentals of self leadership, leadership of the team and leadership of the task. Leadership styles are easily seen by those around you, so decide now what type of leader you want to be and remember - without leadership you cannot move forward and effectively influence others and lead the team through change.

Self Leadership

Self leadership is essential to the ability of the individual to be a mature leader, decision maker and manager. The critical elements of self leadership therefore sit within the lead component and can, in most cases, be considered as pre-cursors to the ability of the frontline manager to be able to achieve leadership success within the organisation.

Organisational Leadership

Organisational leadership can be considered as the ability of the individual to achieve leadership and management success of both the team and the task. Drawing on the principles of many organisational leadership experts, including James Scouller, John Adair and RL Daft, we show you how you or your frontline staff can be efficient, effective and empowering leaders and managers.

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