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We have a range of diagnostic tools to assist us identify the most pressing gaps you have in your individual or organisational development or performance. We use these to ensure that you are getting the support you want straight away and to remove the necessity for you to engage in training that is repetitive and not immediately relevant to your needs. You can access these tools either as part of a coaching or development program, or for your singular use at either an organisational or individual level. Some of the tools include:

  • TLICTM 360 Evaluation Tools
  • TLICTM Gap Assessment Audit
  • Apollo Psychometric Profiling
  • Click ColoursTM Evaluations


306° Feedback Tool

Reflecting on your own performance is an excellent first step in the path towards personal improvement. This 360° Feedback tool is designed to further support your development by enabling your peers, managers, customers or other relevant people to provide meaningful feedback on your performance. The information derived from this feedback document may then be mapped into the same matrix as your self assessment, enabling you to clearly identify areas of weakness in your current management and leadership approaches.


Gap Assessment

A holistic document designed to delve into every element of your organisation's leadership and management performance, this gap assessment is the first step towards addressing shortcomings or failings in the organisation's disciplinary and operating standards.


Call +6189 791 6611 and speak to the friendly staff at Combined Team Services to place your order.

Fees and Charges

CTS has a range of Workforce Development resources available for purchase, contact us for more details:


TLIC Resource $66.00

TLIC Resource e-book

Activity Book $33.00

Performance Management $44.00

Gap Assessment Tool $110.00

360° Feedback Tool $22.00

Click Colour Cards $22.00

All resources are inclusive of GST

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