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Welcome to TLIC!

For over 20 years  as we have worked with frontline staff in a variety of workplaces and work contexts, we have confirmed our belief that true frontline competency can be broken into four interrelated and yet highly separate components.

Explore the website to find out more about how TLICTM can help you and your business reach your fullest potential. 

  • Look at each of the TLICTM images above that list what you can expect to find within each of the TLICTM components
  • Review the Framework so that you have a better understanding of how the interrelated components can work together for your success
  • Inspect the TLICTM Components to see how each element requires focus and skilled application if an individual and company is to be rewarded
  • Learn more about how to access and implement the framework through the Toolkit menu
  • View our case studies and
  • Contact the TLICTM team for an obligation free discussion on +61 8 9791 6611
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